Hardalist. Social Blah-Blah

What About It?

Hardalist is a social networking (blah-blah) platform which gives you pretty weird tools and artwork to help you out to express yourself with visual depth.

We have created a platform by considering the needs of the drawing artists (probably Da Vinci wouldn’t use it though), and folks who are not feeling comfortable at drawing to contribute to the art production.

Tell Me More, Yo!

We supply the artwork and everyone else can use them, add tons of speech bubbles and modify everything with Hardalist editing tools we developed…

Scenario is simple; pick any character, any scene you want and play with it!

Get inspired and express yourself more than a zombie! And more visually vivid!


Well, What Else?

  • Add speech bubbles
  • Modify text, bubble or outline colors,
  • Adjust thickness
  • Set opacity
  • Add stickers
  • Or draw!
How to use a layout: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD6nKVl5FQw
How to use bubbles on photos: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DbedHRGukE
What to do with stickers: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS3ClML2TJY

Launch Details

Who We Are?

The Hardal Crew is comprised of creeps who lost their minds about art and humor. We have been drawing cartoons & comics for many years and publishing magazines.

Till now we worried about designish bullshits, magazine and art exhibitions. We presented the traumatic and pain in the ass stories of weird creators who have issues and want to inflict others in unusual ways.

Media Kit —

Here it is! Click the link below… //www.dropbox.com/sh/xj0yf0dfax31vz0/AABxTU2Z-nQ8HhhDviUblYx5a?dl=0

You can visit: //help.hardalist.com.

App Description

Hardalist is an unusual kind of platform which has cool magic tools to help people communicate in an entertaining way. Hardalist gives you the widest variety of artwork, helping you express yourself in your own way!

Hardalist users can:

  • Create profiles.
     • Follow and interact with people.
     • Use Hardalist stickers.
     • Request badges for artists and public figures.
     • Discover hot topics
     • Explore and use Hardalist layouts
     • Post & edit multiple photos and artwork.
     • Create a portfolio of artwork.
     • Share ideas, including putting them into dynamic Hardalist bubbles.
    Upload artwork as layouts to help people express themselves in a better way.

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